13 June 2010

Serendipity at Mealtimes

Do you have a home filled with tradition and ritual?

In our home, Captain Valentine and I enjoy lots of both that I look forward to sharing with you over the following months.

One ritual that we have done for some time now is to discuss our 'Three Favourite Things' of the day over our evening meal. This is where we take it in turns to share what we have enjoyed, found to be fun or liked a lot. You would be surprised by the amount of conversation this generates....and it has really resonated with the 8yo who usually initiates it each night!

Another thing we do is on Sunday evenings we give thanks to those at the table who we feel have supported us, brought us joy, made us laugh or just made us happy.  We don't have to mention everyone in the family but invariably we do.

Inspired by the beautiful entries contained in "Saying Grace - blessings for a family table"  and free artwork at Feed Your Soul we now have a pile of 'Grace and Thanks' cards that sit on our dining room table which will provide both inspiration for extra thanks and [as if we need it] generate more starters for evening conversations.

I hope this was serendipitous for you, and that you might try something similar in your home.

I'm sure that you've thought of it already...these cards are a a lovely way to prompt entries for journal writing, philosophical conversations in classroom [and beyond] and as a general stimulus for creativity.

x F


  1. Oh my, oh my - what a lovely blog you have! You are so right - you do need that nest! I will keep my fingers crossed for you dear! Thanks for visiting me and for that beautiful little prose - how fun was that! Can I use that on my blog sometime and link to your blog? You are so much fun!

    I do love this post and that you take the time to talk about all the positive things in your life. (so often - we just focus on the negative). This is a wonderful thing to instill in a child!

    I have so enjoyed meeting you~~~


  2. what a wonderful dining ritual. we always seem to save those type of thanks for the holiday dinners, but you are so right about bringing into our everyday. looking forward to incorporating this into tonight's dinner.

    thanks for sharing! — allison

  3. Vicki and Allison, thank you for your lovely comments.
    It truly is special to know that what is shared resonates with others.

    xx Felicity

  4. Wow! I finally got around to exploring the treasures tucked in each corner of your blog! So happy we met up again at Lorna's last Thursday, I am delighted at this discovery and you have made my morning, really lovely Felicity : )

  5. Hey Shelle,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a beautiful, uplifting comment.
    Am off now to explore the delights of your etsy store [I have to confess to losing your address the other night...oops!]
    x Felicity


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