28 June 2010

It's school holidays in my corner of the earth.
The amazing Tim Macpherson has a few ideas about how you
can keep the kids busy using everyday household items...

So you can burn rubber @ 200kmph, surf the perfect break, hit the slopes

AND go for a lazy trot all without leaving the confines of your home.

On second thoughts if you are bold enough to promise your daughter a pony ride you should probably come through with the real thing or risk being clobbered with a face like this!


  1. Hehe Felicity...I love these! I used to build things like this when I was a kid. That's what happens when you don't have tv, playstation or the like...it's called imagination and it's a great place to be xx

  2. Viva L'imagination!...or something like it.

  3. I so love these pictures...going to show the kids tomorrow and prepare myself for some serious imagination building around the house. Thanks. Naomi.

  4. Excellent plan...a great competition for those cold winter holidays!
    You are truly inspirational Naomi, I look forward to hearing how they went, maybe you could post some photos on your blog.
    x F

  5. my boys would be up to no good in seconds if they saw this fun post :)

    i love the wave bed. how cool is that? and i kinda want to do the stair one myself.

  6. I know!
    I'd like to show the kids the first one and then a photo of my ultimate car and say something to them like...
    "See this vintage blue Jag...I'll give the first person who can recreate it using objects found around the house a big fat $10."
    Then watch them scramble....but methinks it would be more of a pain in the backside to tidy up than anything else...
    bah humbug!
    x F

  7. Those pics are wayyyy cool!

    Happy FYBF, F.X

  8. Thanks Brenda. back at you FYBF Maestro!
    x F


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