15 June 2010

One of my favourite things to do started when I was a little girl.
Being fortunate to grow up in a family where reading was highly valued and a good book something to be treasured, I was often found curled, up lost in a world created by an English or Australian author such as Enid Blyton or Margaret Mitchell.
Imagine my delight at eight years of age, when we moved to a house that was directly across from the public library!  
Serendipitously the librarian’s daughter Lindsay became my best friend. When we weren’t riding horses or motorbikes on her farm, we were snuggled together in a comfy place reading a book or creating our own fantasy world based on something we had just read.
Lindsay’s mother eventually managed to steer me in the direction of more ‘substantial’ tomes but my love of finding a special place to while away an hour or two with a great read has endured my entire life.
Today in my bedroom I have a lovely old wing-back that we call the ‘Story Chair’ and beside the chair is a woven basket of books for young and old to read together. 
One of my my favourite images of late has been to see the two younger children [11 & 8] curled up in the Story Chair under a snuggly rug reading to each other.
Imagine how wonderful it would be to snuggle in to this bed to read or imagine.  It appears that the owner of the bed has just put down their book but I would be surprised if there isn’t a torch hiding under the mattress for reading under the covers later.
I think I might ‘pretend’ to be naughty just to get sent to my room if I lived here!
Enjoy the serendipity of discovering a new book or author or even a different place to read.
x Felicity
PS: Thank you to each one of you who has stopped by and left a comment or become a friend of this blog.  Today marks the second week of my adventure and it has been rich with discovery and connection.


  1. i too am completely obsessed with books and i also lived right by our town's library.

    books are just the most wonderful things. we have this awesome library book sale each fall where you can find treasure loads of books for a mere 25¢ each. i walk away with tote upon tote full each year. my husband fears that our home will soon be wall to wall book shelves. he's not too far off :)

  2. Sounds like a magical childhood. I also used to love curling up with a good book. Your story corner sounds like a delight- we have a few little spaces in the house for books. They are dearly treasured in our home. I am constantly in the book section of the Op shop and the library is a weekly adventure for us. xo m.

  3. Thank you for stopping by ladies, here's a little something that I read just today...
    "You know you've read a good book when you turn the last page and feel as if you have lost a friend." Paul Sweeney


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