19 June 2010

If you visit you may just find serendip....

Image Felicity Bezer

Winter is a glorious time to visit my corner of the world as many of my southern cousins know.
The weather is mild, the beaches are beautiful and there is so much to do.
One of the many wonderful festivals that is hosted at this time is the Noosa Longweekend [so called because the weekend goes for 10 days...now that's my idea of a weekend!]

The festival begins in earnest today and is jam-packed with fabulousness...theatre, literature, music, food, forums, dance, film, with many celebs and simply gorgeous creative minds mixing it up.
If you can't make it this year, mark it on the calendar as a 'must-try' for 2011.

Enjoy discovering serendip this weeekend,



  1. Console yourself with the fact that it's drizzly weather today and you and the kidlets will be much happier snuggling in your warm PJs and jumping on pillow mountains.

    x F


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