24 June 2010

A couple of questions for you...

How do you feel when you receive a 'real' letter or parcel in your letter box?

How long has it been since you've sent a 'real' letter, postcard, parcel or poem?

Have you ever sent something to someone 'just because'? By this I don't mean for a birthday, anniversary, congratulations or some other celebration, but just because you were thinking of that person.

Who would get the biggest burst of delight in receiving a 'real' letter from you?

Where's the paper, envelope and stamp?

Enjoy the giving,

PS: I'd love to hear about what happens next
PPS: Just found this lovely idea for sending a hug at the wonderful Julie's blog 'It's the Little Things'


  1. Great point, Felicity! Thanks for your visit and kind comment.

  2. I am a constant card / postcard / note sender. I believe in thank yous and just becauses. Nothing delights me more than something a little special in the mailbox. Email isn't a patch on it, I'm afraid...

  3. I couldn't agree more although I must confess that I need to improve in the sending department. Emails give you a little buzz whereas receiving the genuine article is pure serendip!

    x F


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