29 June 2010

As I was drifting off to sleep last night something came to mind that I'd like to share with you....

This is an old advertisement and was much pilloried when it was released.
For me it encapsulates some of my favourite elements of my blogging 
adventure over the last month. 
Through the wonder that is the Blogging community: 
1. You are able to visit new and interesting destinations*
2. There is a never-ending stream of beautiful and creative ideas and 
products to experience
3. The unexpected and lovely are true gifts and a constant source of 
delight - hence my blog name!
4. We are all connected [albeit by a sometimes tenuous thread]...
By entering a space, leaving a comment or choosing to follow someones
blog, you have connected with the author and others who have shared 
their space.
5. Meeting and interacting with other like-minded people is a constant 
source of delight
6. Inspiration and creative energy is to be found in abundance
7. New paths and doorways are forever being presented for us to enter
8. Different perspectives are always on offer
9. Fun spaces to 'play' and create are lovingly nurtured
10. The Ripple Effect is truly in evidence 
I'd love to hear your thoughts....

* For those of you reading this from outside Australia who may perhaps 
be unaware of the vastness of our continent for me to 'actually' vs 'virtually'
visit the wonder that is inner-city Melbourne where this video was captured, 
I would have to drive approximately 1800 kilometres which would take 
twenty hours if I went straight through without stopping....
Thank goodness for planes and beautiful blogs!

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  1. I loved this ad too. I remember when it came out the producers/directors came to much acclaim. I think they were even commissioned to do another ad but it was not as good from memory.


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