21 June 2010

© Agócs Írisz

How long has it been since you've swung in a hammock?
In our house we are fortunate to own several and they are a favourite place to 'sway' for all of us.

One of the special things that I enjoy is when Captain Valentine and I get to share the upstairs hammock, it's a Queen size so is very comfy and never tips us out.
Lying back [preferably each with a glass of something-something in hand], we watch the clouds and find creatures in the ever-changing fluffiness.
We do this on dusk when the sky is full of colour and occasionally on a moonlit night when the kiddies are tucked up in bed and pushing out Z's.
It often happens that one of us will see a 'creature' before the other and have to quickly describe it before it fades away...

"Can you see the duck?"
"Do you mean the demented dinosaur-thingy?"
"No, the duck..."
"Oh yes! Over next to the platypus thing!"
"What? No that's a duck, well it was when I first pointed it out!..audible sigh"

These are sweet moments and one of the simple pleasures that I treasure.

I wonder if you look up to the sky now, whether or not you can see a cloud? If you can is it my missing platypus thingy or something else that takes your fancy?

Enjoy your day and the simple pleasures it may give you... perhaps even some time spent in a hammock,

PS: I can hear your audible sigh and exclamation "Felicity it's Monday, none of us have time for lying in hammocks and looking at clouds!", my apologies... this post was written for Sunday but then a grey ball of fluff came along and bumped this into Monday.  Anyhoo, you can still notice a cloud whatever day it is and perhaps it will spark your imagination and give you a little serendipity.  xx


  1. I was thinking of packing our hammock away for the winter but you've inspired me to keep it up.

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment - you made me cry!


  2. Keep the hammock up Michelle, with lots of rugs and cushions in winter it can be a snuggly wonderful place.


  3. That's cute. We have an old sofa on our verandah to curl up on and watch the clouds with the kiddies.

    Your blog is so pretty.

  4. I love hammocks and playing 'cloud pictures'. Lying in a hammock always reminds me of a week I spent at Maleny Festival and a trip I had to Fiji. Both wonderful memories of relaxing and taking time to enjoy simple pleasures. Definitely a fabulous spot! Found you on FYBF.

  5. Wow! Can I come to your house for a vacay?; )

  6. What a gorgeous post!! Love the sincerity! :) Hazel


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