20 January 2015

A Window Above...

Is there a window
That we can't see
For sending notes
All feathery?

I've seen some clues
That this is true,
White missals fall
From skies of blue.

I love to think
That here below,
A feathered note says -
"Take it slow

Go gently now
No need for haste
Stress and worry 
Both a waste

There's more to life
Than you can know
But just for now
Here's my hello..."

Happy day lovely friend, I hope that you stay open to gentle messages, and perhaps a feather or two...if you look very carefully you will see a tiny feather beside the pink shell.

PS: Not long after this, I went for a walk and found the most lovely white feather with black spots!

08 January 2015

Summertime Jewels

Summertime brings a plethora of jewelled wings at our home and I'm also fortunate to find other assorted treasures on my twice daily walks.
This image features two dragonfly beauties and my favourite pink Galah feather.
It was difficult to capture the delicate beauty of the dragonfly wings but I do like the overlap against the feather.
I'd be thrilled if you visited my Instagram account [fizzybees] and read today's poem, it's my favourite of the month so far.

In hindsight, I think that the following crop is a better image, but you live and learn...

Captured By A Book

Richard Flannagan - you are a national treasure!
These are the first words that I read in your latest novel "Long Road to The Deep North" and I was from here that I was transfixed.

Captain V and I are in the habit of choosing a book that we read aloud to each other and this is our first for 2015. We are only a small way into the story, probably because I keep stopping and rereading sentences or whole paragraphs, and we've had some excellent discussions about the content.

Our experience is heightened because we travelled together to visit the Thai-Burma railway memorial at Kanchanaburi in Thailand and both of us were struck dumb by the horrors that were inflicted on the soldiers and civilian prisoners during WWII.

If you get a chance to read this novel, I highly recommend you do.

Petal Mandala

Once again I was supercharged when I saw the combination of my two photo prompts today - round and rainbow.This fitted perfectly with my week of golden daisies et voila, a petal mandala!

Working with flowers is a tricky business, they're often sticky and bruise easily. Fortunately our Summer garden has a plethora of blooms to choose from and after some fiddling and faffing, I had my desired effect.

This pictures shows the selection of blooms used in the final product...

If only they weren't so ephemeral! I guess that's what photos are for....

OK - I'll admit that I'm a square!

How sunny and happy are these little Seaside Daisies?
I loved putting this image together, painting the pink base and choosing a selection of sunny faces.
Once I'd posted it to IG though, I walked past the desk in my studio and was struck with this perspective which I liked equally well...

Either way this was easier to configure than writing E=MC2 in daisies which was my original thought for the prompt - square!

04 January 2015

The Earth Laughs In Flowers

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could hear as well as smell and view flowers?
I wonder what their unique music would be like?
Would the peonies be soft and dreamy, the strelitzias bright and brassy?
Perhaps this would influence our preference of blooms more than the way that they look.

Have you noticed that I've got a bit of a theme happening in my posts?
I'm determined that the first 5-7 images of each month will have a colour and perhaps also a nature based connection.  So far I've started the year with the golden hued brilliance of the daisies that are growing wild and wonderfully in our front garden and these little beauties are right beneath them. Bursts of fabulousness, each one is similar yet just a little bit different in it's coloruation.

My second source of amazement today was the fact that I still have this old iPod! I can't find a lead to charge it, but can only imagine the tunes that it will hold, a little time capsule of favourites from five years ago!

Happy day, may it be filled to the brim full of great beats and fab flowers!

He loves me....He loves me not...He

This is me today, having fun fiddling and faffing with flowers.
Did you ever play this as a child? He loves me? He loves me not? Perhaps you've indulged as an adult when embarking on a new love adventure.  In primary school we used to also play a game where we'd twist the stem of the apple, each rotation being a letter of the alphabet A...twist....B...twist...C...and whichever letter the stem came out on was the first in the name of the boy you loved! The poor Zacs of the world, would never stand a chance!

Talking about matters of love, Captain V and I are heading into our eighth year together, and although there have been some rough sees, I don't need to pluck petals to know know that he really does love me.
He shows me daily through his words but more importantly his actions.
He has been a most wonderful partner and I feel very blessed that we are starting this new year looking forward together....he loves me!

Happy day wherever you are and whomever you're with xx

It's The Simple Things....

Oh how I agree with this!

This little Kikki-K card is one of many that sits on a string on my inspiration board.
I was delighted to find that the luminous golden daisy petals from our front garden created a perfect frame for this message and all I needed were a few lettuce blooms (from the towers of green which have bolted in my vege patch) to fill in the gaps.

At the moment there is much happiness in my little pocket of the world as we are enjoying a wonderful Summer holiday with much time spent in my favourite element, water.
Today Captain V took me to the Noosa river for my first Stand Up Paddle lesson which was challenging but enjoyable. It's something that we've both wanted to do for the longest time and I hope that it's a skill that I can master because it will enable us to have another shared pleasure and will be a great physical activity, particularly when the surf isn't great.

Another part of my day that makes me inordinately happy is my morning walk with Luke.  He's getting quite wobbly on his feet now and we don't stray too far from home but almost every time we go I've found a little present. To date,  I've been gifted the most special treasures be they feathers, shells or like yesterday a truly remarkable butterfly.  All of these simple gifts of serendipity bring me great pleasure and I double it by sharing them with you here.

Happy day friend, I hope it's full of golden goodness.

A New Beginnning....

A new year takes flight and I'm determined to give blogging another go.
It's been a long time since I've posted, most probably because I've been seduced by the ease and interconnectedness offered through Instagram. But I truly love my GS community and I'd like to try something new by endeavouring to link this space with my IG playground.

I've embarked on a 365 photo-a-day challenge, inspired by the wonderful Chantelle @fatmumslim.
I'm currently up to day 123 (don't you just love the synchronicity of this number?) and what I've decided to do is share the same image both here and on IG.
The difference being that here you will receive a little backstory to the photo and possibly a bonus image (or two) whereas the Instagram gallery will feature the image and a short verse that I've written to accompany it.

If you'd like to visit my gallery to read today's poem, my IG handle is fizzybees.

Today's image is quite poignant for me.
On my walk with Captain V I could see an unusual shape on the road before us.
You may know that I've always got my eyes peeled for treasures and what delight I had when I found this little beauty. It was with mixed feelings though that I gathered her gently, as she had  a badly clipped wing and wasn't in a good way at all.
I brought her home and popped in a softly lit space with some flowers from the garden and a small dish of sugar water.  I then set to, snapping as many images as I dared.
This second photo capture shows her wing.

She is now resting gracefully on a bookshelf in my study and will be a reminder of the delicate and ephemeral nature of life and beauty. New beginnings and endings are inevitable in this coming year, I hope that as we pass through each day, that we are able to shine forth our best selves as we live them.

Thank you for stopping by, I wish for you a peaceful and happy New Year my friend, I hope it's a grand adventure.

18 October 2014

It's another 'crackerjack' day here and I'm sending you all a little bit of sunshine and spring breezes to ease your way into whatever you find yourself doing in your pocket of the world.

PS: I hope that you see the funny side of this little postcard that I whipped up. There are signs all over Noosa which have this exact wording. Noosa (an arrow points to the beach) and All Other Destinations (arrows point in every other direction).
I often joke that I'd like to take the road to Paris, or Mozambique or some other exotic destination....amazingly they generally lead to the grocery store, work or home!

Happy day! (wherever you may be)